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Fuse Biotherapeutics Announces Publications in Frontiers in Immunology

  • Optimization of T cell engagers via enlargement of a “cytokine window”: By precisely tuning protein geometry, Fuse Biotherapeutics has improved the safety of cell engagers without sacrificing the benefit of cytokine release by tightly controlling it within a dose dependent cytokine window

  • Fuse Biotherapeutics' approach significantly improved the capacity to regulate potentially toxic pro-inflammatory cytokines while maintaining tumor cell killing potency not yet achieved in “second generation’" cell engagers detuned for safety

WOBURN, Mass. – February 21, 2024 – Fuse Biotherapeutics, Inc., a leader in innovative immunotherapy solutions, is proud to announce the publication of groundbreaking research in Frontiers in Immunology. The paper entitled "Using Protein Geometry to Optimize Cytotoxicity and the Cytokine Window of a ROR1 Specific T Cell Engager" showcases Fuse Biotherapeutics' commitment to advancing the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Led by a team of renowned scientists, including Harald Kolmar and Brian Rabinovich, the study demonstrates how Fuse Biotherapeutics' unique approach to utilizing protein geometry has optimized the cytotoxicity and cytokine window of a ROR1 specific T cell engager. This novel strategy greatly enhances the efficacy of second generation T cell engagers designed to address off target side effects of first generation T cell engagers but have been plagued by associated reduced tumor cell killing.

"We are thrilled to share our latest findings, which mark a significant milestone as we strive to provide cancer patients with highly effective treatments in which there is no tradeoff between efficacy and safety," said Brian Rabinovich, CSO of Fuse Biotherapeutics. "Our research underscores as a reminder that protein therapeutics manipulate complex three dimensional systems and require attention to detailed geometry when being designed for patients that are putting their trust in our hands."


The paper, published on February 21, 2024, represents the successful culmination of years of dedicated collaboration between industry. It underscores Fuse Biotherapeutic’s dedication to translating scientific discoveries into tangible solutions that benefit patients worldwide.

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About Fuse Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Fuse Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing next-generation immunotherapies for cancer. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a deep understanding of the immune system, Fuse Biotherapeutics is committed to transforming the treatment landscape and improving patient outcomes.


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