Directing and Potentiating our Immune System

Developing next generation immune modulating therapeutics which direct and potentiate both innate and adaptive immunity



At FuseBio, we are dedicated to developing rationally designed transformative immune modulating therapeutics that integrate innate and adaptive immune responses to target the destruction of tumor cells while harnessing natural immune-regulatory and educational pathways such that the resulting drug is effective and well tolerated.

Such immune modulating therapeutics are built by applying a deep understanding in the complex intertwined nature of the immune system with our "intelligent" and "danger disengaging" technologies that make up our Healthy Tissue Sparing (HTS) technology platform.


Using our team’s deep understanding of T cell and Natural Killer (NK) cell biology, FuseBio’s pipeline of multi-functional antibodies leverages the inherent capacity of NK cells to distinguish between normal and diseased tissue.
Our platform transforms antibodies into danger sensing therapeutics that utilize NK cell education as an ON/OFF switch to deploy highly potent immune stimulating cargo that vigorously enhances an immune response to eradicate tumors without killing a patient’s healthy tissue.




We have assembled a world-class team comprised of industry, clinical and academic experts, with deep knowledge in NK and T cell biology, immuno-oncology and protein engineering. The fusion of innovation and industry level development is deeply rooted in translational drug discovery and is maximized through our deep ties to renowned academic institutions. By coupling our development roadmap with our experience in clinical operations, regulatory affairs and commercialization, we have designed an effective, efficient and highly differentiated model to benefit patients in a seamless and rapid manner.

management team & co-founders

Paul Y. Song, MD

Chief Executive Officer

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Jeffrey Takimoto, Ph.D

Chief Business Officer &

Chief Financial Officer

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Brian Rabinovich, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

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Evren Alici, MD, Ph.D

Head of Scientific Advisory Board at FuseBio &
Head of Cell and Gene Therapy Group at Karolinska Institutet

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