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Directing and Potentiating the Immune System

Developing next generation immune modulating therapeutics which direct and potentiate both innate and adaptive immunity

About Us


At FuseBio, we are dedicated to developing transformative immune modulating therapeutics that advance the field of cytokine therapy. We aim to transform not only protein therapeutics but also cell-based approaches for the treatment of cancer. By developing a highly cell specific approach to cytokine therapy, our goal is to overcome limitations of first generation therapies that were either suboptimal or acted indiscriminately to cause severe toxicity.


Cytokines are small proteins that act to transmit signals between immune cells that regulate a wide range of biological processes including pro-inflammatory
anti-tumor activity. FuseBio’s cytokines have been engineered to gently activate only specific subsets of immune cells with the added option to release a fully active cytokine payload in the tumor microenvironment. We have designed payload release to be dependent on the inherent capacity of NK cells and specialized subsets of T cells to distinguish between normal and diseased tissue. Our platform can not only be used to engineer novel differentiated therapeutics but also transform existing antibodies by adding the ability to induce powerful tumor specific innate and adaptive immune responses that can lead to tumor specific immune memory and durable responses in patients.




Our team consists of industry, clinical and academic experts with deep knowledge in innate and adaptive immunity, cytokine biology, immuno-oncology and protein engineering.

The fusion of innovation and dedication to developable protein therapeutics is strongly rooted in our experience in translational drug discovery and is maximized through our ties to renowned academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. By combining our development roadmap with our expertise in clinical operations, regulatory affairs and commercialization, we've created a streamlined and efficient model that benefits patients by quickly bringing new treatments to market.

management team & co-founders

Jeffrey Takimoto, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

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Evren Alici, MD, Ph.D

Clinical and immuno-oncology SME

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Brian Rabinovich, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

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Paul Y. Song, MD

Adoptive immunotherapy SME

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